Every now and then, something comes along that stands out from the crowd, it could be a toll that can make life so much    easier, that you could soon, find yourself wondering how you managed without it.

I recently spoke to  Simon Gates who is the head of training & development at Homesearch.

Simon explained in great detail the benefits of using the Homesarch market        appraisal tool.

This is a simple tool that helps agents collate data about a property that could take hours in minutes.

Everything that you need to create a professional, comprehensive report for your clients at the tip of your fingers.

During our online meeting, Simon gave me a live demonstration of the tool. He used one of our recently sold properties as an example. It is a simple as entering the address of the property, then the tool goes to work, preparing an in-depth report in minutes.

As we all know, the majority of automated valuation tools are all too often, wildly inaccurate, so what makes this one so different?

Unlike mainstream automated valuations, this tool does not just take a local average, or a previous sale price, it actually looks at the size of the property, the type of property, the size of the plot and similar properties in the area.

As an example, if there is a 4 bed house in a street of larger luxury properties, it will not over-value the house by taking the average of the street, it will seek out similar properties within a certain radius, and use those as comparables.

This enables the application to get a far more accurate calculation than other automated calculators, indeed the property that Simon chose was valued surprisingly close to the agreed sale price.

When the report is generated, it includes your own branding, contact details and other information, such as details information about the property, the sq footage, number of bedrooms, listed status and much more. Then it will add photos of comparable property and details of recently sold property.

It will produce a graph of property prices in the postcode district and a market analysis. On a local level, it will create a neighbourhood report with facts and figures along with a summary. Finally, it will include the agent’s profile and contact details. An amazingly accurate market appraisal tool at the click of a mouse.

What Homesearch say……

Homesearch is the essential source for comprehensive information on every single property in the UK. It’s a platform for relationships to be forged and potential to be unlocked.

Find more opportunities, give the best advice and provide your clients the information they need to move.

Homesearch helps position you as the absolute property expert. Harness the most advanced data available to proactively spot and convert new leads and opportunities, and confidently instruct, sell and let more

Impress your market, book more valuations and grow your business with fully branded, fully personalised and fully customisable reporting.

Data is never a substitute for dialogue, but when combined – they’re powerful. Give your clients the best possible view of the property landscape by fusing your local expertise with Homesearch insight.


I was really impressed with this site, in these days where agents will be conducting more and more online valuations, the need for accurate information is of paramount importance.

The Estate Agency industry is a service industry, ‘SERVICE’ being the operative word, it is very important to demonstrate to sellers that you have gathered as much data as possible to value their property, but more importantly, to demonstrate HOW the valuation was calculated, on what basis, with what information and details of the information that was used.

In this respect, Homesearch does a wonderful job and will without doubt grow to be an invaluable tool used by agents throughout the country.

As more and more agents have access to accurate information about property, not only will they benefit from the advantages that this tool offers, but the public as a whole will benefit as they become accustomed to receiving a detailed, professional and accurate  valuation of their home.

Homesearch are also launching property listings soon, I am looking forward to seeing their what they have in store for us, when they do.

View an example report HERE

For further information visit homesearch.co.uk