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What is a Trellows licence?


James runs an Estate Agents and wants to grow his business.

He would like to break in to the luxury market, get more exposure and have access to a network that will help his business to grow.

Under the Trellows Licence, James will be able to use the Trellows brand in a pre-defined area, which will give his business a significant market presence that would have not been previously possible.

James will also be able to recruit agents to sell under his umbrella, using the Trellows brand, allowing him to benefit from their sales too.

The Trellows licence agreement is carefully planned out to ensure that we continually invest in greater exposure and a growth, which will also benefit James, as promotions elsewhere, will result in exposure for all licensees

Unlike other similar opportunities, we are not focussed on large upfront fees, you will only need a nominal fee for licence, marketing material and incidentals, thereafter, Trellows will only take a small percentage of the sales that will inevitably result from joining our brand.


The benefits of a Trellows licence

Launch your business in to the lucrative world of luxury property.

Use of the Trellows brand
Operate in an exclusive area
Benefit from an international network

Benefit from international marketing

Increased market exposure
Referral scheme
On-going promotional campaigns

Capitalise on your exclusive area

Exclusive use of the brand
Freedom to expand with sales partners
structured training
Market leading business concept

“Take your business to the next level!”

Celebrate your Exposure Growth Success