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Why use Trellows Estate Agents to

Sell your property?

With a large stock of luxury homes in London, Spain, Dubai, Cyprus & Greece, we have a an established audience of high net worth individuals looking to acquire luxury property throughout the UK. 

Rest assured that placing your home with Trellows will ensure that it will receive maximum exposure to the right audience….Why sellte for less?

Competitive Fee

Our rate is the most competitive rate there is, for a bespoke marketing service, we work  on the marketing of your property relentlessly every day, to get you exposure and the best price. We do not ask for a higher rate and negotiate if necessary, that is not professional, we believe in complete transparency.

No upfront fees

We do not charge ridiculous upfront fees, we are aware that you could pay as much as £2,000.00 + VAT for the marketing that we provide, but it is our belief that we must go the extra mile.

No unreasonable Contract Terms

 We understand that this is about credibility and in that respect, we are prepared to allow our actions to speak for us and therefore, we are happy to arrange contracts on terms that will benefit you, our client. We do not include any unfair terms in our contracts and we NEVER demand exit fees.

Do other agents:

  • Offer a bespoke social media marketing strategy?
  • Create a targeted sponsored Social Media campaign?
  • Provide evidence of their property presentations?
  • Present a clear demonstration on how they calculated the value of your home? (many over-value to win your listing)
  • Supply evidence to support their valuation of your home?

Food for thought

When you call an agent to value your home, you are possibly placing your most valuable asset in their hands. Their valuation, pricing strategy and sales strategy could have a major impact on your next move, or even decide if or when it sells.

So what should you beware of?

In the first instance, the initial asking price of your property could have a dramatic effect, not only on the interest that it generates, but also the timescale that it will be on the market. Unfortunately, there are two major ‘ploys’ used by Estate Agents that are self-serving, but may have a detrimental effect on the sale of your property.

The misleading over-valuation: In this instance, agents may over-value your home so that you will instruct them, knowing full well that it will sit there languishing on the portals for weeks, until they decide to make that call, where they tell you that regretfully, there has been no interest, then suggest dropping the price , re-launching and truing again, a few weeks later, that may even happen again, but what has this achieved? Anyone who may be interested in your home has seen the price reduced, then possibly reduced again, which has done nothing to help you achieve the best price. On the contrary, this may result in you eventually taking offers well below your original minimum price.

The strategic undervaluation: There are a few agents in Northampton, (probably in other areas too) who are established and have the reputation and credibility to attract sellers organically, who intentionally undervalue property, because they are not fighting for instructions, like other agents, so their main objective is to be able to sell your property without too much effort. Once again, this will have a detrimental effect on the final selling price of your home, which could then potentially affect your ability to purchase your next home.

Clearly, neither of the above practices are either professional or beneficial to you, the seller, who is looking to a professional to market your home. This is why, it is CRUCIAL for sellers to ask how the agent has valued their home, what    market Indicators did they reference to and why. An efficient, knowledgeable professional will have no problem demonstrating how they have calculated the value of your home, the reasons for their recommended marketing strategy and why.

Your own local Personal Agent
from start to finish.

Available 24/7 and by chat.

Experts in negotiating on your behalf to maximise your sale price.

We achieve the best price for your property. 

National networking to give your property the maximum exposure.

Social media and digital
marketing experts.

Video and virtual tour to create maximum interest.

Local knowledge, national exposure, international reach.


Professional Market Appraisal
Dedicated Social Media Marketing Team
Targeted Social Media Campaign
Book a free valuation Marketing appraisal by one of our Property Experts
You will receive a Bespoke Marketing Plan Instruct us to get your home on the market
Photography, Floor Plans, Description & Video
Your home will be marketed on Portals and Social Media