Buying a Luxury Home in Northamptonshire

Buying a Luxury Home in Northamptonshire

A guide to purchasing your dream home in Northamptonshire

Looking to buy a luxury home? If you are interested in living the posh life, you don’t have to look very far! There are many luxury homes for sale in Northamptonshire that could be just what you’re looking for. To learn more about the various neighbourhoods and luxury homes available, continue reading to find out everything you need to know before purchasing your new home in Northamptonshire.


The first place to look is Northamptonshire Luxury Homes, who are one of the foremost Luxury Estate Agents in Northampton. They specialise in discreet marketing and often have properties that are not available on the open market, or any of the property portals. Their team can offer advice about both buying and selling luxury homes in Northamptonshire. As a result they often provide their clients with an unrivalled level of service, as well as access to a broad range of luxury homes across Northampton and its surrounding areas.

Estate agents such as Northamptonshire Luxury Homes also have a great selection of luxury houses for sale within just about every area within central England including London. In addition they also provide an excellent range of other services such as surveyors, mortgage brokers etc. They too can be contacted via telephone or email and offer up-to-date details regarding luxury houses for sale around Britain, ensuring you don’t miss out on your dream home!


Luxury homes in the Northamptonshire area in the upper quartile normally start at around one million pounds, with some absolutely stunning examples available for as little as two million pounds. While these prices may seem high to most of us, there are many who would argue that a house is an investment – and it’s hard to deny that buying a luxury home in Northamptonshire could be seen as an investment. This is because luxury properties have been proven to increase significantly in value over time – if you were to buy a luxury home today and sell it ten years from now, you could very well make your money back plus substantial profit. If you’re looking to invest in real estate, luxury property might just be what you need.


In the first instance, it would be well worth registering with a Luxury Estate Agent, such as Northamptonshire Luxury Homes, with a detailed outline of your requirements and most importantly, your ability to purchase quickly, including proof of funds. The luxury market is highly competitive, so by getting your name out there early you can ensure that you are at the front of any potential new opportunities that may arise. The key is to act fast when something catches your eye; luxury properties don’t stay on sale for long!


Submitting an offer on a luxury home is no different to making an offer on any other property, you must demonstrate your ability to proceed with the purchase quickly and it would be worth providing proof of funds or the details of your mortgage adviser who can confirm you ability to get a mortgage, with your offer. It’s important to make sure that you use a solicitor when buying luxury homes as they will be able to check all of these things for you. Also make sure that your solicitor has experience dealing with luxury properties as there are often extra clauses which need to be added onto contracts for luxury homes.


Sales progression in the UK can be a slow process, but with everything in place and subject to no questions raised by the survey, which can take time, especially with Grade II listed property, it would be realistic to expect a completion time of eight to ten weeks. This means that you could move into your new home in October or November. However, if there are any issues with surveys or planning permission then you will have to wait until they are resolved before you can move forward. In addition, if there is anything that needs doing on site prior to completion then you may have some additional delays. If all goes smoothly though, you should be able to move into your new home within a few weeks.


If you would like a free market appraisal and wish to know more about our unique discreet marketing, contact Northamptonshire Luxury Homes via the contact form below.
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