Rightmove no worse than many other suppliers says ex-Purplebricks boss

One of Britain’s most experienced estate agents says there’s no alternative to Rightmove, and the portal’s relationship with the industry is not worse in principle than any other supplier in a strong position.

Lee Wainwright – former chief executive of Purplebricks UK and a former managing director of 116 Bairstow Eves and Mann & Co offices for Countrywide in London – admits that Rightmove has few friends at any level of the industry.

But he says the portal has won the consumer’s expectation for their property to be featured on it when it goes on sale or for rent – “there is no alternative … there is no choice” he says.

However, he dismisses suggestions that Rightmove’s relationship with agents is like that of the controlling partner in an abusive relationship.

“Was it any different in the 90s with newspapers and advertising rates? Was it any different in terms of the relationship that any supplier has ever had with any estate agent when they say they want to put their prices up?” Wainwright asks industry consultant in a video interview made available exclusively to Estate Agent Today.

Wainwright – now chief executive of floorplan and photography supplier FocalAgent – admits however that he could see why some agents feel excessive increases in charges by Rightmove do not match up with what some people believe to be the quality of the product in return.

The video is short – well under three minutes – but sheds light on what the big corporates think of Rightmove.