Cleaners can enter homes now - so why can't estate agents?

Domestic cleaners can now re-enter private homes under new Coronavirus return-to-work guidelines – the very guidelines which appear to stop estate agents doing the same thing.

The new safety guidance for cleaners suggests that they obviously need to notify their clients in advance of their arrival at the home. They should also wear gloves and face masks as appropriate.

When they come in they should wash their hands for the stipulated 20 seconds, and do so again if necessary during the visit – especially if they cough, sneeze or blow their nose.

They must maintain a safe distance of two metres or more from occupants remaining in the property during the visit and ensure good ventilation by opening windows as appropriate.

Property expert Russell Quirk has raised the question on social media as to why an estate agent, surveyor or other property professional can’t visit properties under similar conditions.